FEIF YouthCamp – second day

July 1 2015 | Youth Work

The day started with a visit to the Landesgestüt Warendorf, a state sponsored stallion station and the seat of German classical riding, heart of the education system for most professions dealing with horses. Did you know at (at least in Germany) one job is created for every 4 horses? With ca. 1 million horses, this makes 250.000 horse related jobs. Warendorf itself is a delightful little town, with a church site dating from the year 756, older than the settlement of Iceland

In the afternoon the participants visited a ‘museum of the horse’ with exhibits ranging from prehistoric bones of very early horses, to a number of Olympic gold medals won by the likes of Dr. Rainer Klimke. Not least amongst these is the ribbon worn by Tyr vom Rappenhof, when he and Andreas Trappe won the tölthorn and 4-gait at the World Championships in 1991.