WorldRanking Tournaments

June 4 2015 | Sport

FEIF maintains the WorldRanking program to offer a global level playing field for all Icelandic horse riders to compete for the top recognition in their sport. To keep this program fair all tournaments offering WorldRanking tests must follow the rules as published in FIPO / FIRO. Any national or local adaptations of the rules are not allowed. This point was agreed to by national Sport Leaders at the annual meeting in Copenhagen (February 2015). Any adaptations of the rules might result in FEIF declaring the results of a tournament or a test at a tournament invalid and removing those results from the WorldRanking. Organizers and riders are invited to contact their national sport leaders or the FEIF Director of Sport ( with questions. The final source of information remains the current versions of FIPO and FIRO as published on the FEIF website.