EHN Newsletter June 2015

June 1 2015 | EHN

Since 2010, the European Horse Network (EHN) – a non-profit network of stakeholders acting at a World, European, National or Regional level within the European horse sector – has grown from 8 to 20 members today. FEIF is a founding member of EHN. The network is regarded as an essential structure to communicate and advocate the place of the horse in Europe.
Several strong and useful guidance documents, eg. on the watering of equine animals transported by road or on fitness for transport were or will be published shortly. From mid-June on the summary of the Equine Welfare Report ‘Removing the blinkers: The Health and welfare of European equidae in 2015’ which focuses on size, scope of the equine sector, the legal status and the welfare problems which persist will be available on the website of EHN. For further documents and position statements follow the link .