Classification of breeding horses

March 31 2015 | Breeding

A survey in the FEIF Member Countries on classification of breeding horses showed that the criteria for approval of stallions and mares for breeding differ a lot between the countries. This is one of the main reasons for the cross boarder problem in breeding. FIZO rules are not identical to EU rules. According to EU rules breeders may choose any qualified breeding organization to take care of the registration of their horses regardless of country and without barrier of trading. One of the core rules of FIZO however is that the FEIF-ID should be allocated in the country of birth of the horse. If respective breeding leaders do not come to agreement concerning the allocation of the FEIF-ID the country code of the FEIF-ID in WorldFengur will be registered with a ‘NN’ . The topic will be further discussed during the next year with the aim to reach international harmonization.