Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2015

February 18 2015 | Conference, Leisure Riding

This year’s meeting was quite well visited and it was clear, that leisure riding is becoming part of the national organization’s work in a more active way in many countries. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland and Norway had representatives attending the meeting.
A discussion on how Leisure Riding was dealt with within the member countries revealed, that in some countries it is only starting up whereas in other countries it has been on-going for several years. In the latter group focus is very different; in Germany for example most activities relate to organizing and supporting events whereas in Denmark focus has mostly been on the political work securing the right to access nature for the leisure riders.
These differences also reflect the very different possibilities for leisure riders in different countries, in some countries planning of cycling, hiking and other routes normally also include riding, in other countries a horse and rider is viewed as a vehicle and has to follow the rules for motorized. vehicles.
As a reflection hereof it has been decided that FEIF participates with other horse association in international political work, whereas securing access to nature on a national basis must be handled locally with due respect of differences in legislation and traditions. The new home-page for Leisure Riding on FEIF website shall function as a shared platform for information in relation to this work as well as in relation to practical advice, guidance etc. in relation to leisure riding. During the meeting the new platform was discussed and approved and as soon as the member countries communicate relevant content to be put on the homepage, it will be launched.
To create a common, international event for leisure riders a new concept developed in Germany was presented. The participants welcomed the idea and agreed to continue a discussion on how this may be developed further.
Some years ago the Chairman’s meeting decided to encourage riders of Icelandic horses to actively participate in TREC together with other breeds.
Today TREC is becoming a very large activity in Sweden, in Austria the organization benefit from having experienced TREC riders on board, in Denmark the work is just beginning. IN Norway some interest has been shown, however, it is not really started yet. IN Germany a decision has been made not to participate, as the discipline includes jumping. Switzerland presently has a world champion – riding an Icelandic horse.
Quite some time was spent on the result on the international survey identifying the characteristics, which buyers/riders of leisure horses prioritize. THE full content hereof will be accessible together with the minutes of the meeting. This survey will be the basis for further work in cooperation with educational institutions to develop a test of the characteristics of a horse at any given point in its training.
The Relay Ride for the next World Championships was introduced and the details on registrering for participation and so was the Virtual Ride “From here to Herning…”, which is accessible at