Annual Education Meeting 2015

February 13 2015 | Conference, Education

The education department has had a successful meeting with very positive, productive discussions and intensive exchange of information concerning educational topics of the representative participants.
Herdis Reynisdottir, IS and Margrit Rusterholz, CH were unanimously re-elected as members of the FEIF education committee.
In general the structures of the education systems in the FEIF member associations are developing well. Riding badges are offered and it has been agreed about the need of a CPD structure to ensure quality management and control of validity of trainer licenses.
A further project is to develop a ‘job platform’ on FEIF website for licensed trainers thaht are offering a job or are looking for a job.
Another big issue was the presentation of “Tölt in Harmony” presented by Denni and Ia Hauksson and Kicki Flank. Members of the Education Department as well as members from the Leisure Department and Chairmen?s Meeting participated in the meeting and a constructive discussion after the presentation. The aim is a close cooperation between the “Tölt in Harmony” Association, FEIF and the member associations to ensure an international equal structured coordination of acknowledged seminars, tests and exams.