Annual Breeding Meeting 2015

February 13 2015 | Breeding, Conference

The Annual Breeding Leader meeting discussed a wide range of topics in a very constructive and harmonious atmosphere.
Þorvaldur Kristjánsson was elected as member of the breeding committee, Sussie Lund and Inge Kringeland were re-elected as breeders? representatives and Guðlaugur V. Antonsson and Barbara Frische were (re-)elected to the breeding judges committee.
The breeding leaders agreed that the use of a flash noseband in combination with curb bits with leverage effect shall not be permitted breeding shows.
For the first time the draft equipment manual was presented and regarded very positively. The meeting agreed that this collection of information and explanations is an important measure for the well-being of the horses.
The seminars 2015 will among others include a ringmaster meeting, concentrating on standardization and improvement of the health and equipment checks, a seminar for young breeding horse trainers (new age limit: 30 years) and the breeding judge seminar and test in Hólar.
Sigbjörn Björnsson, Dorte Gram (collection of scientific material) and Karl Piber will prepare a study that includes information on the optimal underground of pace and oval tracks.
The FEIF App for foal and young horse evaluation will be updated and the committee plans a seminar for judges at FEIF level in late summer/autumn.
Further projects include a guideline for national breeding leaders (Inge Kringeland) and an improvment of the evaluation of character and willingness of breeding horses as well as the improvement of the guidelines and comments for breeding shows.
The very interesting presentation of Þorvaldur Kristjánsson on the progress and effects of research on genes for four ? and fivegaiters will soon be availalbe on the FEIF website.