Annual YouthWork Meeting 2015

February 12 2015 | Conference, Youth Work

12 people attended the meetings on Youth work, and the working atmosphere was very friendly and productive. Apart from routine business and an certain expressions of amazement at the good ideas that are implemented all around the FEIF world, the most exciting item of discussion on the agenda was the FEI international video competition which will be launched in mid-February. Small teams of young people are invited to produce a 5-minute video of the title ‘ Happiness is [fill in your own idea]’.
Obviously the content will have something to do with the Icelandic horse, and we hope to bring the winning entries to a large audience at World Championships in Herning. The topic of using current technology to bring people closer together came up time and again and again, and we know just who to ask about up an coming social media. The FEIF Youth work committee is planning to set up a virtual community of ‘trendsetters’ who will help us to keep our finger on the pulse. All we need now is a catchy name for the group