Annual Sport Meeting 2015

February 12 2015 | Conference, Sport

The Annual Sport Meeting covered a range of different topics including recommendations on various changes to FIPO, procedural changes for the World Championships and discussions on equipment.
The annual meeting of the national Sport Leaders unanimously agreed that the use of a flash noseband in combination with curb bits with leverage effect shall not be permitted in sport competitions. This is a reaffirmation of the current rules.
In light of the conclusions of the FEIF Hoof Study the Sport Meeting will recommend to the FEIF Delegates Assembly in 2016 to reduce the maximum allowable hoof length by 0,5cm in the two height classes. The meeting agreed on a recommendation regarding increasing the penalty for late withdrawal from finals and adding a penalty for late withdrawal from preliminaries. The recommendations with be sent to the Delegates Assembly 2016.
Various systems of selecting the World Championship judges are discussed. There will be more discussion in the coming year. Furthermore, the meeting decided that effective immediately the Mid-European Championships will from now on follow the country representation system like for World Championships and Nordic Championships.
For the sake of clarity the Sport Leaders recommend the text from the “prohibited equipment” page on the website regarding rings & soles be moved by the Delegates Assembly 2016 into FIPO. Regarding to time keeping the meeting agreed on the possibility of performing manual time keeping as backup to the electronic system to avoid that a rider has to make more than one extra sprint to gain valid times. It was agreed that manual timekeeping or a backup electronic system are allowed if the primary electronic system fails. Further, it is agreed to accept mixed results from different systems for the same portion of a test. This will be enacted immediately for the 2015 season under the authority of the Sport Committee and referred to the Delegates in 2016.
Finally, the meeting decided an experiment in the 2015 season by adding specific breaks during the sections of T1 Finals where the horse will be required to be at a relaxed walk before continuing with the the current section. The speakers shall instruct the riders to walk their horses for 60 seconds at the rein change of the “speed change” section and 120 seconds at the rein change of the “fast tölt” section.