Annual Chairperson Meeting 2015

February 12 2015 | Conference

The chairpersons had a very good and productive meeting, discussing items like the report about the last year from the Board of FEIF and also the new draft of the General Rules for FEIF, which is a product of the TaskForce. The representatives from the countries reported about the situations in their countries – and as a short summary: there is a positive development of the Icelandic horse scenes and the number of members and horses are slowly growing.
The chairpersons will make sure that comments on the draft General Rules will be distributed to the FEIF Board according to the deadline mentioned. They also discussed the financial situation of FEIF and decided to ask the president along with Peter Nagel from Germany and Göran Montan from Sweden to come up with a proposal for a new fee structure and a voting structure to go along with this.
There was a fruitful discussion on the structure of FEIF, the decision making system and the selection and election of officials, and there was general agreement about the necessity to make sure that transparency is honored in all areas of management, election and decision making.