Delegates’ Assembly 2015

February 7 2015 | Conference, General

Delegates and guests from 12 FEIF member countries participated in the Delegates’ Assembly 2015, February 6th 2015 in Copenhagen. All FEIF Board members who were for re-election were (re-)elected for a period of two years.
The delegates agreed on editorial changes to the FEIF Statutes as well as the addition of leisure riding as official FEIF Department. Based on a proposal from a working group the deadlines to spread information on elections is streamlined and made more transparent. In sport it was among other decisions unanimously agreed that reigning World Champions in the young age class are allowed to defend their title at the succeeding World Championships provided they are still eligible to start in that age class. Furthermore, the starting order in preliminary rounds at World Championships is changed to a purely random starting order to provide fairest possible treatment of all participants.
The so-called blood-rule will be implemented in the rules as the welfare of the horse is paramount in all competition. The moment a judge sees/realizes that a horse is actively bleeding during a test the judge must show the red card and excuse the horse from the test
In breeding the proposal to reduce the hoof length was unanimously accepted following the outcome of the FEIF Hoof Study. The same proposal will be discussed by the sport leaders later this weekend. The delegates agreed unanimously on the proposal to add guidelines regarding embryo transfer to FIZO.
The department meetings will continue until Saturday, February 7 with busy agendas on various items.