Great Interest in the Open Breeders’ Meeting

January 16 2015 | Breeding

Around sixty participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland found their way to the House of Sports in Bröndby near Copenhagen.
A large number of breeders – ranging from ‘just new and curious’ up to very experienced and successful -, well known trainers, several breeding judges, veterinarians and breeding officials,-including the complete Danish breeding board attended the seminar, that was this time offered the second time.
Main discussion items were horse welfare and the assessment of character and willingness. Also the future of the market for Icelandic horses and the development of the breeding goal were of big interest. The input from this mixed group reflected the variety of aspects.
The meeting was led by Marlise Grimm, who used the opportunity to explain the general working structures within FEIF, the daily work with all its challenges and current and future projects. Many questions could be answered and it was clear that background knowledge and understanding made the communication easier and effective. The outcome of the very lively and open minded discussion, partly held in group sessions, will be taken up by the breeding department and be published here.
The next Open Breeders’ Meeting will very likely be offered in Germany.