Ride to Herning – so far

January 5 2015 | Leisure Riding

111 riders from 12 countries on their ‘virtual’ way way to Herning – together they have already ridden 6543 km, which is not bad. But considering that NZ is 18,000km from Herning, and that the riders from the USA and Canada have to cover an average distance of ca 6,500km, we still have some way to go.
Riders may go on their own, or in groups. The idea is that all riders who live more than 800-1000km away from Herning should form teams. Then all the ridden miles of team members will be added together to help them get to the destination. Fancy joining in? It is not too late. We can promise a lot of fun on the way, the opportunity to get to know Icelandic horse fans from all over the world, and best of all, you can take your own favourite horse to the next World Championship in Herning! virtually!

For more information on the initiative visit https://www.feif.org/LeisureRiding/VirtualRide.aspx, or join the facebook group ‘From here to Herning’.