FEIF questionnaire complete

November 20 2014 | General

Every year FEIF asks all member countries to complete a questionnaire about the Icelandic horse world in their country. The information gathered ranges from numbers of horses and members to what is done in the different areas of breeding, education, leisure riding and sport.
The numbers tell us a bit about the popularity of the Icelandic horse while the answers to the more open questions help the departments think about where they need to pay attention, and what they can learn from countries where things have gone particularly well or not.
In 2014 the total number of Icelandic horse in the world (registered in WorldFengur) decreased by 2% to 255,712 while the number of members of associations went up by 1% to 59,541. If Icelandic horses were only owned by members of our association that would mean each member owning on average 4.5 horses. Unfortunately, though, not every person owning an Icelandic horse feels it is worth it to join their national association.
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