Virtual ride to the World Championships 3-9 August 2015 in Herning

November 9 2014 | Leisure Riding

Icelandic horse riders from all over the world are invited to participate in this year’s virtual ride ‘From here to Herning’. The concept is simple: starting on Nov 15, you continue you normal riding routine, but you also begin to add together all the kms you ride out during the weeks and months to com. These km will take you on a virtual ride to Herning. Riders may go the whole distance alone, or – depending on the distance from home to Herning – form into teams which will then add all kms of the team to make it to the destination. Once a month you submit the mileage you have ridden, and watch how you and riders from all over the world make it towards the World Championships.
Three easy steps, and you are part of an international ride towards the dream destination of the summer 2015: (a) calculate the distance from your home to Herning (use or; (b) register via; (c) start riding!

And you might also want to join the fb group where riders can share stories and pictures of their adventures.
Follow the link for further details!