Working group meeting on vetcheck forms and procedures

November 8 2014 | Sport

The FEIF VetCheck Group reviewed and discussed forms and procedures regarding mouth checks and checks on leg injuries during various events. Forms have already been available for many years and in several countries judges and ring stewards have been educated to apply checks, for instance during sport competitions (like World Championships).
After several years of use, the forms need a revision, including an improved system to score the severity of wounds, distinguish between the character of wounds (old, scar or fresh), and a possibility to mark in an easy way in drawings where any injury is located. The adapted forms will make it easier and more uniform to decide if injuries are severe enough to stop a horse from participation or to disqualify the rider, or to ask for veterinary advise first. The forms will also help to report the character of injuries at several events, to start with WorldRanking events. The new forms will be tested during winter events.
The group also prepared a proposal for education of instructors in order to facilitate national training programmes for judges and ring stewards.
Members of the group are Caroline van de Bunt, Claudia Glück-Ragnarsson and Susanne Braun, all three active vets and FEIF International Sport Judges, chairperson is Marko Mazeland.