Welfare and equipment – joint sport-breeding meeting

October 28 2014 | Breeding, Sport

The draft of the new FEIF Equipment manual, which was prepared by the equipment working group (Marlise Grimm (FEIF, Director of Breeding), Doug Smith (FEIF, Director of Sport), Johannes Hoyos (AT), Magnus Skulasson (SE), Mette Mannseth (IS), Rasmus Møller Jensen (DK), Sigridur Björnsdóttir (IS), Silke Feuchthofen (FEIF, Director of Education), Sveinn Ragnarsson (IS), Vicky Eggertson (DE)), was distributed to the committee members and was considered to be a good additional offer of approved information.
In a joint session with the sport and breeding committee it was agreed to prohibit the use of Icelandic bits with ported mouths (0,5cm and taller) and to reduce the maximal hoof length limit by 0,5 cm. The discussion about other items, such as leg protection and more specific rules about the use of equipment will be continued.