FEIF Sport Judges and Sport Committee meeting

October 27 2014 | Sport

The Sport and Sport Judges Committees met in Malmö to review the 2014 competition season and address a number of topics in preparation for the 2015 season and World Championships. The Sport Judging Guidelines were discussed extensively following their first full season of use. Based on feedback provided by most of the FEIF Sport Judges some adjustments will be made in the text but no firewalls will be moved.

The committees also considered a number of procedural matters raised during the season. There will be changes made to the way WorldRanking results are reported to provide FEIF with more key information about these tournaments. Recommendations will be made for the Sport Department meeting (Copenhagen, February 2015) regarding the handling of certain situations such as riders who skip the equipment checks following tests and horses that cannot be checked. The committee will prepare a checklist for tournament speakers to remind them of their duties and to clarify how situations such as “false starts” while marks are being announced during finals should be handled. The committee will also recommend to the Sport Department that Iceland’s practice of fixed time breaks be added to the handling of T1 finals before rein changes in the second and third sections to give the horses a chance to recover.