FEIF Leisure Riding Committee meeting – summary

October 27 2014 | Leisure Riding

The Leisure Committee met to review the outcome of the survey launched during summer 2014 on the preferred characteristics of the Icelandic horse for leisure riding. As much as 3065 respondents have filled in the questionnaire and the data collected is quite comprehensive. One interesting ? and maybe a bit surprising result – is that half of the respondents seem to find tölting abilities less important than the calmness of the horse in general. It seems to be particularly important that the horse isn?t afraid of traffic. A lot of information can be collected from the data ? also some more entertaining bits: it seems that older riders prefer smaller horses. The future work with these data will be presented at the Delegates Assembly and form the basis of a cooperation with Universities on defining a test of the preferred qualities on any horse at any given level of its education