FEIF Breeding Committee meeting – summary

October 27 2014 | Breeding

Education and information:
Several activities are planned for 2015. The 2nd Open Breeders’ Meeting will be held in Copenhagen, 17th of January, FEIF is offering qualifying seminars about the assessment of foals and young horses, one in Iceland and another one probably in Germany. The seminar for new FEIF Breeding judges including an exam will be held in spring at the University of Hólar Iceland. A meeting and training for ringmasters/vets/judges, who are in charge of the breeding health- and equipment check, will be offered in Sweden. And last but not least the popular FEIF seminar for young breeding horse trainers comes back to Iceland in April 2015.
WC 2015:
Great plans for the breeding people – there will again be a breeders’ forum (now: Breeders Café) with possibilities for exhibition, stands and presentations and a improved version of the stud farm presentation.
Foal and young horse assessment in FEIF:
Thorvaldur Arnason, member of the FEIF Breeding Evaluation Group, was present at the meeting and encouraged the breeding department to bring forward a standardized assessment which can support the breeding progress.