Breeding horse trainer seminar 2014

August 27 2014 | Breeding

The 2014 seminar took place at Kronshof, Germany (near Lüneburg) where the participants found perfect facilities with a large riding arena, oval and pace track as well as lots of interesting horses and comfortable holiday flats. 17 participants from 6 countries (Denmark, Germany, Norway, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland) – aged from 18 to 25 years – were welcome by great hosts: the Schenzel family. The trainers /teachers at the seminar were Sigbjörn Björnsson, Agnar Snorri Stefánsson, Frauke Schenzel and Marlise Grimm. The participants had the possibility to present the horses for conformation as well as ridden, while receiving tips from trainers and judges.
No decisions regarding the seminar 2015 have been made so far.