FEIF TaskForce Process

June 18 2014 | General

In 2009 the FEIF TaskForce process started with the intention to restructure and update the General Rules and the Specific Rules of the various departments – Breeding, Sport, Education, Gæðingakeppni, Youth and Leisure Riding.
The process is still ongoing and at the FEIF Conference 2014 it was decided to open up for a public process about draft 5 of the working document for the General Rules, which includes the new draft version on the definition of gaits (presentation of the basically accepted definitions of gaits and temp used in all departments, rules and guidelines). The draft document is ready for download further below to allow as agreed all persons interested to comment on it. Draft 5 is however a draft version with no claim to be complete as the group is still working on it.
The idea behind the structure is (1) issues concerning the horse, (2) issues concerning the rider and events, (3) arbitration and disciplinary matters – valid for all departments.
Any comments and contributions received before September 1, 2014 will be discussed in the TaskForce committee and will contribute to the final draft 5 version which will be presented at the FEIF Committee meetings in October 2014.