Horse welfare – bits, equipment and health controls

April 26 2014 | General

Concerning horse welfare the board of FEIF has received a report and summary of the Icelandic chief veterinarian, that indicates curb bits with leverage and port (unbroken and broken) are causing damage on the horses’ bars and therefore should be banned from all official Icelandic horse events.
The discussion in the responsible bodies is now going on and the outcomes will be forwarded to FEIF.
In a broader consideration of equipment issues, the board of FEIF agreed to install an advisory working group of experts (vets, trainers, riders, teachers, sport – and breeding judges) to check the current rules for equipment. This group’s scope of work includes all phases of horse and rider training from the beginning to the top levels with recognition that not all equipment is fitting in all phases. A paper as basis for further discussion and decisions will be presented to the autumn committee meetings the latest.