International FEIF breeding judges met in Hólar

April 1 2014 | Breeding

All active international FEIF breeding judges except one were able to attend the breeding judge seminar and meeting held at Hólar University in northern Iceland, March 29 – 30, 2014.
An intensive programme, well prepared and presented by the FEIF breeding judge committee included the presentation of several studies, connected to the assessment of breeding horses, as well as practical work on conformation and riding abilities.
The participants had time for lively and open discussions about scientific issues, marks and procedures. The judge meeting was also a chance for feedback and input for the work of the breeding judge committee, which is chaired by John Siiger Hansen.
The final evaluation of the seminar brought up the wish to have more seminars in this way, maybe every second year instead of all four years. This can be regarded as a good compliment for the responsible team. Thank you to the FEIF breeding judge committee, the lecturers and teachers, – Gudrún Stefánsdóttir, Elsa Albertsdóttir, Eythor Einarsson, Thorvaldur Kristjánsson, Víkingur Gunnarsson-, and last but not least to the host Sveinn Ragnarsson and the staff at Hólar.