Annual Youth Meeting 2014

February 16 2014 | Conference, Youth Work

For 2013 FEIF Youth can look back to a successful YouthCamp, which was hosted by Norway. Thanks to the organisers for some unforgettable experiences for the young people, which took them quite literally to the top of the world. Congratulations and thanks also to the young riders who participated the world Championships. Berlin hosted the first separate finals for young riders, and the young champions are all invited to defend their titles in Herning 2015 – if they are still under 21 at the time.
The big event for 2014 is the YouthCup in July. This will take place on the ancient site of Holar in northern Iceland. As most of the young riders will need to borrow horses, this competition offers a unique challenge. Finally, the Youth department has a new director, Gundula Sharman, who was pre-viously director of the FEIF education group. This will probably lead to clos-er cooperation between education and youth work, and the first discussion for a joint seminar in 2015, focusing on good practice in instruction and training for children and young people, have already taken place.