Annual Sport Meeting 2014

February 16 2014 | Conference, Sport

The Sport Meeting covered a range of topics including some procedural changes for the World Championships and various adjustments to FIPO tests.
With regard to the World Championships the Sport Meeting recommends an extra hour for the team leaders to submit their final team entries and to change the starting order to be completely random — including the defending champions both young rider and adult. Finally, the meeting formulated the formal recommendation to the Delegates Assembly 2015 for Young Rider World Champions to be able to defend their titles.
Regarding the FIPO tests the Sport Meeting discussed changes in the first section of V3 to simply “slow tölt” as well as changing the description of the second part of T5 to eliminate any confusion about the demands of the test.
The discussions about the description of the last section of T1 was sus-pended until after the finalisation of the “Description of the Gaits” project and the discussion of the combination of bits and nosebands was suspended until after the Education / Sport Judge Seminar in March where a presentation about the known facts of tack combinations is expected.
Finally, the meeting asks all competition organizers to conduct an experi-ment in the 2014 season by having the speaker announce the marks of pace test section-by-section. Therefore, the time of pace will be announced before the mark for the slowing down (final) section to give the last judge the benefit of knowing the time of the pace sprint.