Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2014

February 16 2014 | Conference, Leisure Riding

The Leisure Riding Committee has reviewed the outcome of the survey conducted among all member countries last year on access to nature. The result confirms the fundamental differences between countries influenced by ancient Nordic rules dictating a right for all to move freely with due care of not causing any damage and acting in a responsible way and the countries more heavily influenced by ancient Roman or German Rules. The outcome reveals also a lot of varying details. Work relating to securing access has to be conducted on national level but FEIF may support this. We will do so via a homepage aimed at sharing information and experience and also sharing relevant information for leisure riders in general.
To educate leisure riders and improve safety in the sport, the national or-ganizations and leisure riders are still encouraged to participate actively in TREC events in their home countries. Mingling with other breeds is also excellent marketing of the unique qualities of the Icelandic horse.
Work in relation to developing a descriptive assessment system for the qualities of the horses is now taking a more firm form as a co-operation with leading educational institutions on this will be initiated shortly