Annual Breeding Meeting 2014

February 16 2014 | Breeding, Conference

The annual breeding meeting further discussed horse welfare and agreed to prepare a proposal for a FIZO change regarding the length of the hoof – following the information of the FEIF hoof study.
Furthermore the equipment rules will be revised regarding leg protection material. The concept should be ‘more protection without more weight’.
It was decided to start collecting research data about criteria for suitable surface of breeding tracks, as bad surface of tracks definitely leads to more injuries.
The proposal presented by the breeding committee about regulations of embryo transfer and related subjects, – as cloning and gene manipulation-, was unanimously accepted and shall be approved at the next DA. Inge Kringeland gave a much appreciated presentation about this to the plenum.
Future projects are to explore the improvement or judging spirit (character and willingness) and to revise the current rules about the code of conduct for judges as well as the possibilities for a ‘continental Landsmót’ with special focus on breeding and breeding horses.
The cooperation among the FEIF departments is constantly improving, – for example the project about finding new markets for the Icelandic horse and the certification of leisure horses are continued in joint working groups with the FEIF leisure riding and education departments.