FEIF Youth Award was given to the US

February 12 2014 | Youth Work

Every year the FEIF Youth committee presents the award to the national organisation that has shown outstanding achievements in the area of youth work.
During 2013 the USIHC has distinguished itself by nearly doubling the youth membership to a total of 101 children and young people. The Congress has worked out a clear vision and strategy of where it wants to go, and how it wants to grow. The youngsters participated in a great range of different activities, be that sport classes, quadrille work, taking part in local horse shows and other equestrian events. The publicity and educational efforts had a dual focus. Regional clubs across the States sponsored and participated in youth work to raise money not only for their clubs, but also for charities. Young riders took their horses to fairs, offered rides to support amongst other this a museum, and some money went towards building houses in Mexico.
And to top it all, a young rider from the US was eligible to participate at the World Championships in Berlin. – It seems they can do it all! Congratulations to the USA, and carry on with the good work.