FEIF Board elections 2014

February 9 2014 | General

At the Delegates’ Assembly 2014 Gunnar Sturluson from Iceland was elected as new president of FEIF and follows Jens Iversen who did not stand for re-election.
Doug Smith, US was elected as FEIF Director of Sport following Marko Mazeland. Silke Feuchthofen from Germany was elected as FEIF Director of Education. Gundula Sharman, GB was elected as FEIF Director of Youth Work and will follow Anne Levander, SE.
A new position in the FEIF Board with Sytske Casimir, NL as the responsible person was unanimously accepted by the Delegates and Sytske will be responsible for various projects within FEIF. Marlise Grimm and Lone Hoeglund were re-elected for two more years.