Sport and Education Seminar 2014

December 23 2013 | Education, Sport

FEIF will host a joint seminar for judges and trainers at Kronshof (Dahlenburg, DE) from March 21-23, 2014. The seminar is open to all trainers (level 1-3), FEIF International Sport and Breeding Judges; national judges and trainees (space permitting). The focus of the seminar is a closer look at the interaction of conformation, physiology, locomotion and riding style in training, competition riding, and judging. The new sport judge guidelines will be presented at the seminar. Speakers include Susanne Braun (judge, equine chiropractor), Prof. Michael Weishaupt (FEIF hoof study), and Elisabeth Jansen (Hólar, international breeding and sport judge). Complete details of the seminar including registration, payment, and hotel information are in the invitation on the FEIF website.