Sport Judging Activities for 2013

November 11 2013 | Sport

The judging activities of FEIF sport judges in 2013 were similar to those of 2012. By average FEIF judges operated at 4,8 World Ranking events in 2013; the average number of judging days was 15,8. World Ranking tournaments invited by average 4,5 FEIF judges to their events, far above the required minimum of two. Also the international activities of FEIF judges were similar to those of last year as by average a FEIF judge adjudicated at 2,2 World Ranking tournaments outside the resident country. Icelandic and Dutch FEIF judges were operating more abroad than in 2012, Danish FEIF judges less. As in previous years World Ranking tournaments in countries with only one residing FEIF judge, like USA, Great Britain and Norway, made proportionally the most use of foreign judges. In exact numbers most judging positions to foreign FEIF judges were offered in Germany, followed by Denmark and Norway. Less foreign judges were invited to Sweden than in 2012. Proportionally World Ranking tournaments in Iceland and Switzerland had the lowest number of foreign judges. As in 2012 and 2011 the most intensive traffic of judges was from Austria to Germany.