FEIF WorldRanking: changes as of 2014

November 4 2013 | Sport

The requirements for WorldRanking Events in 2014 will change, to improve the quality and the comparability of results. The changes have been announced already in February 2013:
– The required number of judges per WorldRanking test with an international sport license will be raised from 2 to 3, at least one having his/her residence in another country.
– The time that judges are judging has to be limited to reasonable hours, to ensure proper judging. This means a maximum of 10 hours at the tournament per day including a meal plus short breaks every two hours plus all other breaks.
– Equipment/injury checks on all horses in the finals and at least 25% of the horses in preliminary rounds in WorldRanking tests; the required forms are available on the FEIF website.
– In order to keep results in especially Five Gait F1 and F2 comparable, only 250m oval tracks are allowed for all oval track classes (no 200m or P-tracks).
– As WorldRanking events are events with an international audience (at least with judges from other countries) it is mandatory that the speaker announces in English (as well) or at least in a language all judges (and preferably riders and public) can understand.