New Sport Judges’ Guidelines on their way

October 31 2013 | Sport

The Sport Committee discussed together with the Sport Judges Committee the way to implement the new Guidelines for Sport Judges. The Sport Judges Committee has been working on these guidelines with a larger group of judges for a long period and it is now time to implement them. It will be one of the items at the joined judges/trainers seminar in April 2014. Aim is to appoint ‘ambassador judges’ and to develop e-learning applications in all countries to encourage implementation at all levels.
In the same meeting in Malmö the system to renew licenses for international sport judges was discussed. It was decided to develop a test in the three yearly renewal procedure to ensure that all judges are in line with current developments.
The joined meeting also discussed the proposed description of the gaits provided by Iceland, especially as the (highly appreciated) description enables uniformity in all departments of FEIF.