Breeding activities 2014

October 31 2013 | Breeding

The FEIF breeding committee and the breeding judges committee had a joint meeting in Malmö and discussed the activities for the next year.
In spring 2014 the meeting and seminar for active judges will take place Hvanneyri, Iceland and a training for ringmasters and for judging foals and young horses will be offered as well. The location for the next seminar for young breeding horse trainers, which was again very successful in 2013, has not yet been decided. It is, due to the high number of interested persons discussed to have two seminars – one in Iceland and another one in Germany.
The second Open Breeders’ Meeting for breeders, riders, trainers and officials is planned to take place in autumn 2014.
Detailed dates will be published in the FEIF calender as soon as possible.