Icelandic Horses at Olympic Games – a Dream

October 19 2013 | Sport

Many people dream about Icelandic Horses at the Olympic Games. The same goes for an 11 year old German girl, Elisa-Marie Schroeder, who decided to find out why we are not there. Se did – on her own account – write a letter to the German Olympic Sport Board and did get a hand written answer from the responisble person, Maike Elger. The letter explains that so many different sports want to take part, that not all fit in into the program.
Horse sport at Olympic Games is under pressure anyway, as the (potential) number of people watching the different disciplines is the most important factor to decide which sports are included. And as more people are watching other sports, horse sport (including dressage and jumping) has been downgraded recently. There are also requirements about the number of active sporters on different continents which makes it rather difficult for sport with Icelandic Horses to be included.
Let’s hope this will not discourage Elisa-Marie to continue her sport activities with Icelandic horses. The FEIF Youth Cup 2016 will welcome her!