Youth Camp 2013

September 3 2013 | Youth Work

The 2013 FEIF Youth Camp was hosted by NIHF and Stall Kjersem in cooperation with Stall SP and Vestnes Islandshestforening. Stall Kjersem is located in the idyllic Kjersem Mountains, halfway between Molde and Ålesund. There were 35 participants 13 – 18 years old from 11 member countries along with few country leaders.
Björn Kjersem and Stian Pedersen with a great support of their wife´s and friends did a great job and offered a great variety of activities!
During this awesome sunny week in the Norwegian mountains the program was loaded with activities such as riding up to Blafjallet, hiking with the famous Stein P. Aasheim, training with five times World champion Stian Pedersen, watching ‘green’ training, watching interesting movies from old times, Mongolian trip, and a trip to Sweden to buy a coffee, and these activities all included Icelandic horses. Furthermore there was one day of sightseeing and shopping in Ålesund, competing in a local horse club at Tresjord hestesenter and of course making new friends for life. Stian gave also a lecture of how he trains his horses and told the kids how to get to the top!

In the beautiful surroundings of Stall Kjersem, in old Norwegian houses with great food, and no internet nor cellphone connection, the participants had a lot of fun during this great and unforgettable week.

Thank you NIHF, Björn, Helen, Stian, Agnes, Liv and Stein for a great week.