Sport Judge steps back

July 24 2013 | World Championships

Rune Svendsen, one of the international sport judges selected to be a Judge at the World Championships 2013 decided to step back as a Judge at the World Championships, as his wife, Steffi Svendsen with Jarl frá Miðkrika [IS1995184968], is member of the German team. Rune decided this to avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest, even if he would not be allowed to judge the specific tests where his wife would compete.
This (wise) decision is in line with the Fair Play section of the Code of Conduct in FIRO, stating that all officials must be scrupulously careful to guard against any appearance or actuality of interest. In all questionable cases it is always wiser to acknowledge a possible source of a conflict and stand aside rather than permit suspicions to gain strength.
As the number of judges is still sufficient, no other judge will be called on duty.