Number of riders per test

July 23 2013 | World Championships

At the World Championships the competition will take place in 4 oval track classes and 3 pace track classes. The teams did indicate already in which test they expect their riders to start. This information is also available at the FEF website. This may be changed until August 5, after the fit-to-compete check.
The preliminary numbers are:
– Tölt T1: 60 participants, including 23 Young Riders;
– Tölt T2: 49 participants, including 17 Young Riders;
– Four Gait V1: 58 participants, including 25 Young Riders;
– Five Gait F1: 46 participants, including 16 Young Riders;
– Pace Test PP1: 61 participants, including 19 Young Riders;
– Pace Race 250m P1: 37 participants, including 10 Young Riders;
– SpeedPass 100m P2: 50 participants, including 14 Young Riders.
The starting order will be drawn by lot on Monday, August 5, when all teams have completed their final registration.