FEIF and Mustad

July 22 2013 | General

FEIF and Mustad are very pleased to announce a partnership between these two organisations with the purpose to improve hoofcare for the Icelandic horse.

Mustad will financially support and assist FEIF with advice and recommendations concerning scientific and commercial aspects; for the better of the Icelandic horse.
Mustad continuously searches for improvements to provide better hoofcare for all horses. As Icelandic horses are such a breed of their own with very specific hoof-features, Mustad has developed a new horse shoe for Icelandic horses. This shoe is explicitly produced for Icelandic horses to provide comfort and support for the horse. The Mustad DM IS shoe does meet the specifications set out in FIPO and FIZO.
Therefore FEIF recommends the horse shoe: Mustad DM IS.

FEIF and Mustad will also join forces by organizing a seminar that will take place in 2014 or 2105 with the main topic: shoeing Icelandic horses. The findings of the FEIF HOOF STUDY will be addressed during this seminar.

The Board of FEIF is very pleased with this partnership, and is very much looking forward to the cooperation with Mustad.

Mustad will also be present in the exhibition area at the World Championships 2013 in Berlin.