Team Great Britain

July 18 2013 | World Championships

Ten sport riders will represent Great Britain this time, including 1 Young Rider and 3 reserve riders. Among them one Young Rider. The most experienced rider eare Jemimah Adams, who represented Great Britain already in 2001 in Stadl Paura (AT) and Mike Adams, who did the same from 2005 (Norrköping, SE) on.
Andrew Nickall with Komma fra Barnegård [DK1998201079]
Ann Savage with Eldur frá Sauðadalsá [IS1999155460]
Charlotte Cook with Perla frá Skriðu [IS2002265300]
James Bóas Faulkner with Brimar frá Margrétarhofi [IS2002101032]
Jemimah Elizabeth Adams with Kraftur frá Kvistum [IS2004181961]
Mike Adams with Kafteinn frá Kommu [IS2005165890]
Young Rider:
Sandy Carson with Hagar (Herkules) fra Smingegården [DK2004107407]
Charlotte Cook with Magnús fra Bakkeholm [DK2005107283]
Jemimah Elizabeth Adams with Draupnir frá Vallanesi [IS1997157570]
Sandy Carson with Óðinn frá Vallanesi [IS1997157572]