Doping case at Mid European Championships 2012

July 5 2013 | General

The independent arbitration council of our German member association IPZV has come to a verdict in the doping case at Mid European Championships 2012 against the Austrian Rider Petra Reiter-Tropper. The rider is suspended for a period of 7 month and has to pay a fine of EUR 2000.
The horse of Petra Reiter-Tropper, Sjarmi frá Skriðuklaustri, has been tested positive for the prohibited substance mefenamic acid. Mefenamic acid is included in the list of prohibited substances of the Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung (FN), the general authority for horse sport in Germany.
As the rider was already suspended in Austria in October 2012, the German arbitration council decided that – based upon a suspension of seven month – the rider at the moment is no longer banned. This also means that Petra Reiter-Tropper is allowed again to start in all FEIF member countries.
The board of IPZV did demand a ban of 12 month plus a fine.