The great Relay Ride

June 23 2013 | Leisure Riding

As much as the world of Icelandic-horse fans is preparing for the bi-annual festival of sports and breeding competitions, there is an equally passionate group of riders from all FEIF member countries getting ready for the traditional relay ride – approaching Berlin from a number of directions.

– the north route from Denmark to Berlin
– the west route from the Netherlands to Berlin
– the south route from Austria, crosssing the Czech Republic to Berlin

The relay ride is a unique opportunity for leisure riders to participate in a World Championship their way. In Scotland theRealy ride has taken place virtually duirng the last year as riders have registered their miles and are now – by numer of miles – approaching Berlin. In other countries riders are preparing for the actual ride on German grounds.

You will find more detailed information and very good desciptions of all stages of the ride on Looking forward to seeing you there!