Discover our World Championships host city with ‘The Bearliner Guides’

June 23 2013 | World Championships

The organisers are very happy to be able to offer the guests of the World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Berlin something really special this summer. Having just sealed a partnership with one of the most highly-renowned conoisseurs of the German capital – Christian Horschik and his company ‘The Bearliner Guides’ – they now offer you all the fantastic opportunity of not only experiencing excellent competitions but you’ll also be able to explore the uniqueness of our host city of Berlin.
That’s exactly what makes having this event in a true metropolis so appealing: of course, we’d love to have as many guests in the stands at any given time throughout the competitions in sports and breeding shows, but we feel that affording you this opportunity of enjoying all these historic venues is what will make your trip even more special.
Alongside his team of professionals, Christian Horschik has a variety of tours: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, world-famous castles and cathedrals, Ku(rfürsten)damm and many more stops like Alexanderplatz. Hopping on and off is possible, individual tours may be booked as well.
Come and discover the magic of Berlin – ‘The Bearliner Guides’ is a marvelous partner to make your trip even more enjoyable. We wish you an entertaining stay.