Spectacular opening of World Championships 2013

June 21 2013 | World Championships

‘Action’ and ‘Emotion’ – those are the names of both shows presented at the opening of the World Championships 2013 with 8 and 12 Lusitanos, respectively. The organizers of WC 2013 (August 4-11) have managed to sign worldwide superstar Lorenzo as their headlining performer.
True to its name, it will feature throughout its 2.5-3-hour-long program the best of the best with lots of equestrian action. After the relay ride will have passed through the historic Brandenburger Tor and before competitions begin at Berlin Karlshorst, this will be the place to be on August 4 with all entertainment kicking into high gear at 15:00h.
Next to Lorenzo and his unique performances, come and enjoy Belgium’s ‘Thunderguys’ with all their stunts and colorful fun in the heart of the WC 2013 arena. There will be jumping, dressage, races, Friesians, Roman chariots and so much more. You’ll be surprised by this world full of discovery! Furthermore, the hundreds of WC 2013 relay riders will end their journey in front of our great crowd in the stadium, and the audience on this Sunday afternoon will also be welcoming into the arena all participants of the World Championships from as many as 17 countries in a grand celebration.
Tickets for ‘HorsePower’ are now available through the ticketing system on the WM 2013 website: www.berlin2013.de .