Breeding horse trainer seminar 2013

April 29 2013 | Breeding

The 3rd FEIF seminar for breeding horse trainers was held at Skeiðvellir last weekend with 18 participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Iceland. It was a very interesting seminar as with group of young riders being very eager to learn .
The topics of the seminar were conformation and presentation – Svanhildur Hall & Magnús Lárusson, presentation riding assessment – Sibbi frá Lundum and Guðmundur Björgvinsson, training of pace – Davíð Jónsson, horse shoeing – Sigurdur Sæmundsson and young rider / experience – Ásmundur Ernir. Then all riders presented their horses to the judges and trainers and got tips how they could improve their marks the next day. On Saturday evening the whole group went to Reykjavík for the show at Fákur in Víðidalur.
A great weekend with a talented group of riders whom we will certainly see on various breeding tracks in the future.