5 new European Champions on Ice

March 24 2013 | Sport

The fifth edition of Horses on Ice on the 400 m skating rink in Haarlem (NL) was again a great succes.
The participants competed on ice in a well organised competition. Despite the ice cold temperature the enthousiam of the public was heart-warming.
The new European Champions on Ice 2013:
Tölt T1: Nils Christian Larsen (N) – Radíus frá Sólheimum [IS2003156505]
Tölt T2: Irma Schortinghuis (NL) – Arthúr frá Hrísum [IS1995165065]
Five Gait: Þorður Þorgeirsson (IS) – Glymur frá Innri-Skeljabrekku [IS2001135613]
Four Gait: Nils Christian Larsen (N) – Moli frá Skriðu [IS2001165302]
SpeedPass: Sigurður Marínusson (NL) – Eilimi vom Lindenhof [DE1994100876]
The Feather prize went to Anne-Lene Holm (DK)
The demands in the tests were adapted to the ice.