FIPO 2013

March 7 2013 | Sport

The new edition of FIPO contains changes decided upon by the Delegates’ Assembly 2013.
To follow the same line in finals in Tölt classes and in gaited classes it is decided to change FIPO in such way, that the sequence of gaits in finals in four gait and five gait is no longer open for discussion among riders, but has to follow the sequence as described in FIPO.
At the last three World Championships riders couldn’t choose their own start box, but had to take the box marked with their colour. This was done to ensure calm and quiet handling of the start, and the general feeling is that it helped. However some riders considered this as being of disadvantage, as they could change even if they would agree. It is decided now to adapt FIPO 8.5.5 in such way, that the fastest rider in a start group has to decide before the start group is called into the start boxes which box the rider prefers, with no right of change the moment the starting procedure has started.
These changes in FIPO will be valid for events starting at or after April 1, 2013. Before that date FIPO 2012 is still valid. All changes are listed in a list of changes, available for download.
The complete FIPO is available for download as well.