Annual Youth Meeting 2013

February 17 2013 | Youth Work

More participants than ever attended the annual Youth meeting where a lot of good ideas and best practice were shared between the countries. Norway reported about the coming FYCamp 2013 – see a separate news item. The important role of the leaders on the FYCup was in focus as being one of the key factors for the success as seen by the participants. It was decided to prolong the next FYCup with one day to encourage even more team building within the teams as well as giving more time to try out the horses. The latter important as the next FYCup will be hosted in Hólar, Iceland meaning that most youngsters will ride on borrowed horses.
It was decided to propose a change in FIPO for flag race: removing the calculation from time to a point and instead keep the times (like is done in the pace race for example). It was also decided to replace T5 with T3 the next FYCup.
A youth reunion for participants at FEIF youth activities will take place on the WC and more information will follow in due time.