Annual Breeding Meeting 2013

February 17 2013 | Breeding

In a very constructive and positive atmosphere the annual Breeding meeting went through a very long agenda.
Basis line in this was to proceed step by step on the way to better standardization and more professionalism in holding FEIF breeding horse assessments. It was agreed upon the certification of tracks, the same rules for the selection of judge panels and uniform procedures of the health and equipment controls.
To follow the demands of horse welfare and good riding and training a check of the horses’ mouths shall be included in the standard before the show and consequences of injuries have been discussed and decided. Further actions as for example a list of prohibited equipment will be prepared for the next DA. The breeding department recommends the installation of an international inter-disciplinary expert group to speed the progress.
The integration of foal and young horse assessments into WorldFengur was brought on its way.
Þorvaldur Kristjánsson was elected as a member of the Breeding judge committee, Barbara Frische was re-elected. For the Breeding committee the two breeders’ representatives, Sussi Lund and Inge Kringeland, were also re-elected.
New projects were introduced, among them the embryo transfer topic, new markets for the Icelandic horse, etc.
For 2013 a lot of activities – as several seminars, the Breeders forum and a presentation of breeding farms at WC Berlin and the second Open Breeders Meeting in autumn – are planned.